hester kuis

Title thesis:
'Who is in control?'
'I find an artwork interesting if I can feel and see a tension between the form and the content of an artwork. How do artists cope with the tension they deliberately provoke on the one hand, and wish to control on the other hand? With this perspective I have selected three artists. In my thesis I have described, explained and clarified their works with the disciplines psychology, psychoanalysis and philosophy.'

'As an artist I, Hester Kuis, am driven to visualise my own psychological process on daily life activities and pre-occupations. Certain behaviours or thoughts, sometimes with no specific relevance, get my attention due to their bias and lack of nuance. This motivates me to investigate these biases in a more differentiated way. By researching the extremes and emphasising oppositions in a balanced way, a new playfield comes into existence. This allows me to find out what my emotional state of mind is. By translating my reflection of my research into an artwork, I give the viewer the opportunity to experience his or her own thoughts and feelings as well'.
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