DOGtime 1 (First Propaedeutic Year)
The first DOGtime year starts with two classes (both with a maximum of 20 students). DOGtime students have classes three to four nights a week in the first propaedeutic year. In this course the emphasis is on cooperation, exploration and experimentation. You will learn how to make clear choices and develop your artistic field.
The school year is divided into two semesters: one semester focuses on  Unstable Media (UM) and the other semester on Expanded Painting (EP). Each semester ends with an evaluation report together with an open group exhibition.

DOGtime 2 (Second Propaedeutic Year)
The focus of the second and final propaedeutic year is on reflection and deepening your artistic development. Focussing on making independent and decisive choices. After completion you will finish the propedeuse phase of study (basic foundation course).
You can then choose the direction you wish to continue your studies. Naturally you
can seek advice from your lecturers when making this choice.

For second year students, DOGtime organizes an excursion to an European city each February.
During an intensive and inspiring five-day program you will be immersed in the local art scene. In addition this is a good opportunity to get to know your fellow students and lecturers. The participants themselves largely fund the excursion.